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EP FzrMk2 Chassis only

EP FzrMk2 Chassis only

SKU: KYO 34461B

Equipped with popular optional parts

This chassis kit is an optimal base for a racing vehicle

The FAZER Mk2 Readyset was created for the pure enjoyment of R/C car driving. Now available as a chassis kit, owners have the flexibility to add their own body and R/C system. Specifications have been elevated with optional parts such as HD TC center shaft S and TC universal swing shaft L to enhance the unrivaled symmetrical design and front-rear suspension balance of the lightweight chassis for R/C racers to enjoy. While the deckless design looks simple, a reduced number of components improves maintenance efficiency and optimizes torsional rigidity. Incorporation of nylon material further reduces weight and improves impact resistance. With its unique design, the FZ02 chassis embodies features and performance that will appeal to R/C drivers of all levels.

■Length 375mm
■Ground clearance 8mm (approx.)
■Wheelbase 260mm
■Tread(Body width:190mm)F:164mm/R:164mm
■Tread(Body width:200mm)F:174mm/R:174mm
■Tires F: φ66mm x 25mm/R:φ66mm x 25mm
■Gear Ratio 6.54:1
■Total storage weight Approx. 1490g (with 7.4V / 4000 LiPo)

Reqiuired for operation

●2ch 1 servo R/C system for cars(Receiver size:L45xW28xH22mm or less)*Recommended products No.82138/82151
●540-550 class motor *Recommended products No.37031/37032
●ESC compatible with motor used(Size:L36xW32xH23mm or less)*Recommended products No.37051
●Survo *Recommended products No.82273
●Battery charger
●Battery for chassis compatible with ESC used(SIze:L145xW47xH25mm or less)*Recommended products No.GAB4201
●4 x AA batteries for transmitter
●Damper Oil *Recommended products No.SIL0400-8
●Grease(for Ring Gear & Diff)*Recommended products No.96162
●Silicone OIL(for Diff)*Recommended products F:No.SIL50000/R:No. SIL3000
●Velvet Coating Pinion Gear No.PNGA4832 - No.PNGA4837 (For brushless motor )
●Steel Pinion Gear No.PNGS4829 - No.PNGS4836 (For brushless motor )
●Paint for polycarbonate body


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